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PetTagsOnline provides custom dog name tags for pets to identify and protect your favorite dog and cat. You can use our advanced Pet Name Tag Generator to see exactly how your pet tag will look before you buy it. Feel free to give it a try!

A strong dog collar personalized with your pet's name, address, and phone number is your first line of defense, should your pet ever stray away from home. Most lost pets never leave the neighborhood so, unlike microchips, your neighbors can use your customized pet cat and dog identification to immediately contact you and reunite you with your lost dog or cat.

PetTagsOnline offers heavy duty metal dog collar tags for pets that are anodized or gold plated on all surfaces (including the edges and attachment hole), to ensure longer life for your id tag. Our pet id tags are 20% thicker and much stronger than those cheap imported pet-tags, and every dog or cat id tags comes with industrial grade split ring.

Buy our top quality pet id tags in the most popular shapes and colors, with small sizes for cats to monster pet id tags for giant breeds of dogs like your Great Dane or Mastiff.

FREE shipping in the United States for custom pet information tag orders over $50.00

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Dog Bone Pet Name Tag

Dog Bone Custom Pet Tag

For added protection your Dog Bone Pet ID Tags are engraved on both sides. Holds all your dog or cats contact information, and your pet’s name too! Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Small Bone Pet Tag ........... $4.95
Large Bone Pet Tag ........... $4.95
Monster "Big Dog" Tag ........ $6.95

Buy Dog Bone PetTags

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Gold Dog Collar Tags- Dog Bone

Gold Dog Tags- Dog Bone Shaped

A truly unique piece of pet tag jewelry. These stunning gold plated pet dog ID tags are personalized with your pet's name in easy to read engraved lettering.

No matter what your taste or budget, gold custom dog tags for dog can give your dog or cat a touch of elegance that also reflects well on you.

Large Gold Bone Dog Tag ..... $12.95

Small Gold Bone Dog Tag ..... $12.95

Buy Gold Dog Bone PetTags

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Round DogTags for Pets

Round Pet ID Tags

Lightweight customized pet id tags are made Army military dog tag tough and are durable, waterproof, and will not fade or rust. These round id tags can also be used as round property tags and round industrial assets tags.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Small Round Dog ID Tags ........ $4.95
Large Round Dog ID Tags .........$4.95
Monster "Big Dog" I D Tags ........$6.95

Buy Round PetTags

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Gold Dog Tags- Round

Round Gold Dog Tags for Pets

Authentic gold pet id tags will never lose their shine or color. Identify and protect your dog or cat with personalized gold plated pet id tags.

A luxurious gold dog tag for your dog or cat will let everyone know how special your dogs and cats are to you. Let’s just hope your friend’s pets don’t get too jealous.

Large Gold Round Pet Tag ...... $12.95

Small Gold Round Pet Tag ...... $12.95

Buy Gold Round PetTags

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Heart Dog Name Tags Customized

Heart Pet Dog Name Tags Personalized

Show how much you love your dogs and cats with this stylish heart shaped pet dogtag! Colorful anodized dog tag and cat ID tags will not discolor the coat of light colored pets. Three sizes available, small pettags for cats and toy dogs, large dog id tags for regular sized dogs, and Monster identification tags for large breed dogs.

Small Heart Dog ID Tags ............$4.95
Large Heart Dog ID Tags ........... $4.95
Monster "Big Dog" Dog ID Tags .. $6.95

Buy Heart PetTags

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Gold Dog Tag- Heart

Heart Shaped Gold Dog Tags for Cats and Dogs

There's just something about high quality gold plated dogtags. It's simple heart shape gives that additional touch of elegance to your favorite cat and dog pet companion.

Buy gold-plated dog ID tags in the most popular styles for dogs. No pet accessory is more popular today than customized gold pet dogtag jewelry.

Large Gold Heart DogTag ........ $12.95

Small Gold Heart DogTag ........ $12.95

Buy Gold Heart PetTags

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Fire Hydrant Dog Tags for Pets

Hydrant Pet Name Tags

Hydrant shaped dog identification tags are a classic shape pettag that can be custom engraved to help protect and identify your pet dog and cat friends. Relax with the knowledge that your pet name tags will be used to return your lost dog and cat quicker.

Small Hydrant ID Tag ................... $4.95
Large Hydrant ID Tag ................... $4.95

Buy Hydrant Pet Tag

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Gold Dog Tags- Hydrant

Hydrant Gold DogTags for Pets

Gold plated hydrant pet dog collars tags are elegant and will increase the chances of your pet’s safe return home should they become lost. Brilliant gold plated dog collar tags are the ideal gifts for that new puppy or older trusted friend.

Pamper your pets in style with one of these deluxe gold plated hydrant shaped dogtags.

Large Gold Hydrant Dogtags..... $12.95

Buy Gold Hydtrant PetTags

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Octagon Dog Name Tag Personalized

Octagon Pet Dog Cat Tags

Engraved custom dog tags are an inexpensive way to help ensure that your pet dog or cat is returned to you. In fact you can personalize all of your belongings with these unique identification tags which can be used as Luggage Tags, Key Ring Tags, Sports and Golf Bags, Medical Alert Tags and more!

Small Octagon Pet DogTag ....... $4.95
Large Octagon Pet DogTag ....... $4.95

Buy Octagon PetTags

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Gold Dog Tags Custom- Octagon

Octagon Gold Dog Tags

Pet safety has always been our priority. Show just how much you love them and keep your dog or cat safe with a striking gold plated octagon dog identification tag custom engraved with all your pet's id.

Offering the very best in custom personalized pettags cat and dog owners will love.

Large Gold Octagon Dog Tag... $12.95

Buy Gold Octagon PetTags



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